Thursday, September 26, 2013


The girls after building their first ever Lego structure!!

Alli has never in her life wanted to play with LEGOS.  Yesterday was Jill's 6th birthday and she got a Friends Lego Set.  Alli has been putting this set together for the last 3 hours (Jill is happy to share - thank goodness!)  Now I see why she never liked them before.  All these teeny tiny pieces are hard to look through, but she is  LOVING it!!   She said, "You know what I want for a present for finishing my eye stuff?  MORE LEGOS!"

  She has always loved to draw, but never in detail.  She loves using her block crayons or markers to create pictures like this

Below is a picture Alli drew a few days ago.

One last picture I have to include....this weekend Alli worked on a puzzle for over an hour, she's almost done.  Another miracle..... about 12 weeks into VT she started liking puzzles, and she has progressively gotten better at smaller and smaller puzzles.  YAY!!!


  1. I was completely stereo blind for over 30 years. Don't have access to vision therapy, but do exercise on my own.

    When my eyes work together, they do sometimes, the difference is so overwhelming...

    Your little one maybe unable to describe the difference, normal people can only phantom it.

    The eyes, are like video cameras, the magic happen in the brain, when you try to understand or close one eye to see the world like a stereo blind, you get only a faint idea, you mind can over compensate for the temporary loss using memory.

    Keep the good work going it worth it.

    Leo Rudolph

    1. Thank you for the comment. I do wonder what Alli's world looked like to her when she could not see correctly. Thank you for your words of encouragement.

      I am so happy to know that Alli's story is finding its way out into the world to help others!!

  2. I appreciate the post! I've been looking for some info on finding quality vision therapy in Illinois, and this gave me some great insight! Thanks for sharing.